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Beginner witchcraft shouldn’t be a matter of following some easy, tried and tested first steps and so it’s something that can go away the interested starter witch feeling a bit lost. Much of what you read will inform you how personal a journey it is and the way much it is advisable to discover out for yourself. All very true however not always what you need to read when you don’t have any clue what to do! So I will try to break down newbie witchcraft a little to provide you some thought of what you’ll be able to count on to occur and what you might like to experiment with in these important early days.

Firstly, realise that newbie witchcraft can really cover a wide range of areas and interests. There’s the kitchen witch, hedge witch, ceremonial witch and the Dianic witch to name but a couple of! There isn’t a need for you to pick a ‘tradition’ now, many solitary witches the truth is by no means do. However bear in mind that you could be have to attempt totally different types of spells to discover your power and forte.

Beginner witchcraft is not essentially about following different people’s spells. This will be incredibly tempting when you’ve gotten seen them working successfully and conclude that their spells will likely work just as well for you. They might. However I can not recommend giving writing your own spells a shot enough. AND I don’t think you can do this too early.

Beginner witchcraft ought to include something you might be drawn to, equivalent to love spells or maybe household connections. Whatever is important to you’ll be injected into your spell work and can energise it.

Beginner witchcraft shouldn’t be self-motivated however. There is a distinction to be made between something you feel drawn to and something you do because you are feeling it will carry you what you want. To not say that it is best to automatically rule out spells for what you need however be careful of them to start with as they’ll lead to an imbalance of energies and consequently fail.

Newbie witchcraft needs to be simple. So, for instance, if you need more confidence then it is advisable to think by means of what areas you most wish to see confidence in. Then go even additional and ask your self if there is a particular event that you simply want to really feel confident at! You’ll be able to write a spell based on what you wish to occur and the way you wish to really feel and this will allow you to purpose for something more achievable.

Most of all, newbie witchcraft ought to be practised! I am afraid it’s a bit like learning the piano in this respect. Don’t try to rush yourself or move on to more complicated spells earlier than you’re ready. If a simple spell does not seem to be working, it’s more likely that you’re not but tuning into the right energies yet and have to knuckle down and keep on trying.

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